Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kids and Teens Spotlight: Keep your Eye On Anime

This February, 7th and 8th graders will get to learn hands-on how to draw anime characters in a class that will meet on Saturday mornings (Feb 7 – 28).  The weather outside in February is usually miserable, so find a warm spot indoors where you can develop your drawing, coloring and inking techniques, and learn how to create characters with emotional depth.  Learn how unique facial features and body language can convey emotion.

The eyes are the most important feature when revealing a character’s personality.  The more round and open the eyes are drawn, the more innocent and/or emotional the character will appear.  Hard angles and narrow eyes can give the character a more sinister edge, especially if the eyebrows slash upward instead of arching.  Remember that irises aren’t all one flat color, and that eyes reflect light and need highlights that correspond to the light sources.   To get a feel for how the same eyes change when reacting to different emotions, you could study body language books – or come to camp and have the instructor help you convey your character’s emotions visually.

Space is limited, so register soon.   Call 817.272.2581, or visit us on the web at


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